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izzeria Melrose menu
izzeria Melrose menu


Dining review:
Melrose — this pizzeria delivers

"As for the food: I enjoyed everything we ate, and we ate a lot, starting with a classic Sicilian orange-and-fennel salad. This version added olives, red onion, arugula and a few bits of candied orange peel."
- Montreal Gazette (Photo Courtesy)
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New Kid on the Block

"NDG is blooming into a really popular neighbourhood as restaurants and cafés are slowly sprouting up around the area. The latest restaurant and wine bar to grace NDG residents with its presence is Pizzeria Melrose."
- Montreal Maven (Photo courtesy)
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NDG’s Latest and Greatest Pizza Place is an instant Hit

"Notre-Dame-de-Grace has become the choice neighbourhood for Montreal’s latest pizzeria, opened just recently by three prominent local figures in the food industry. Melrose Pizzeria, amidst online and local hype from reviewers and soon-to-be frequent patrons, held a free public tasting event last weekend."
- The Main
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One of the hottest new restaurants in Montreal

"A spacious bright room, Spartan furnishings, and thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza are the makings of NDG’s newest hipster establishment, Pizzeria Melrose. The neighbourhood is abuzz with excitement at this opening, and we’re looking forward to grabbing a good slice with a glass of red from Melrose’s selected wine list."
- Thrillist
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Melrose : la pizza qui a du SWAG à N.D.G.

"Je me suis pointée chez Melrose à quelques minutes de la fermeture, et quand la serveuse est allée consulter la cuisine pour voir si on pouvait m’accommoder, j’ai lancé un « je vais faire ça viiiite! » pour m’assurer une petite place dans ce nouveau resto de la rue Sherbrooke, côté NDG"
- Nightlife (Photo Courtesy : Christine Plante)
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